The deep experience of an agency. The personal service of a studio.


Started in late 2017 in Stockholm by Candice Madrid-Dahlqvist, Millkeeper Studio is a culmination of nearly 20 years experience at award-winning agencies across Europe and the US.


Millkeeper Studio offers a wide range of services within graphic design, branding, and design strategy. The studio is also platform agnostic and works within digital, print, packaging, environment, film and other media.


The studio works with a diverse range of people and brands, locally and globally. The aim is to find the most thoughtful and beautiful solution possible with respect to clients’ business limitations and budgets. Concept and strategy keep the quality of the work high and meaningful client relationships are always top of mind. The studio also offers a small hand-picked network of specialists for clients who require it. Millkeeper Studio is a lean one-woman business, able to work nimbly and efficiently in a manner that isn’t possible in most other agencies.


Millkeeper Studio is the sister company of Millkeeper, proprietor of the reenvisioned classic Swedish night shirt.

Client experience *


× Brooklyn Brewery
× Guinness
× Svedka
× Åbro

Beauty & Fashion

× Clinique
× Tommy Hilfiger

Candy & Snacks

× Mars
× Lay’s
× Cheetos
× Carvel


× Nordic Choice


× Conservation International
× 9/11 WTC Tribute Museum

Sport & Outdoors

× Nike
× Adidas
× Primus

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