Lykke & Löjromsbaren is a bar and restaurant in Stockholm born from the New Nordic philosophy. On offer are imaginative dishes and unique drinks served within thoughtfully curated interiors. Discreet details bear the signature of the New Nordic culture – from the delicately blanched white asparagus from Gotland, down to the sustainably dyed leather accents by Tärnsjö Tannery. Lykke & Löjromsbaren is located in Nordic Light Hotel.

The Lykke logotype features discreet elements inspired by nordic furniture design. The result is a bold, timeless logotype with the signature personality of the New Nordic.

The graphics are inspired from bespoke hand-painted drapery by textile designer Jennie Sundin. The drapery has an impressive drop of nine metres from the restaurant’s ceiling. The graphics are featured across various branded materials including dishware and signage.

Some images are courtesy of Nordic Light Hotel.